The Opening Theme from the Anime Series ‘The Witch and the Beast’, Sokoninaru’s ‘Soumonka’, Has Begun Streaming Worldwide on Music Streaming Services.  It’s a Smash Hit in the West!

Sokoninaru’s ‘Soumonka’ the

Sokoninaru’s ‘Soumonka’ the theme song to the highly acclaimed anime series ‘The Witch and the Beast’, which is available on-demand around the world (excluding mainland China), has now been released on music streaming sites. It has become a smash-hit, garnering a great deal of streams, particularly from western countries.

Sokoninaru is a three-piece band characterized by their incredibly technical and heavy sound combined with melodies and harmonies sung by male and female vocalists overlaid on top of each other. The group have been on two tours of Europe, and played successful headline shows in Taiwan and Hong Kong, showing their passionate support overseas.  

The manga that inspired the anime series ‘The Witch and the Beast’ has sold a total of 950,000 copies (including digital editions) around the world, and is picaresque fantasy serialized in Kodansha’s ‘Monthly Young Magazine’. The overwhelming power of the artistry has garnered attention, with the series being published outside of Japan in countries such as America, France, Italy, Germany, Korea and China, showing how the series is gaining traction internationally.

Sokoninaru’s ‘Soumonka’ the

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Sokoninaru’s ‘Soumonka’ the

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