Let’s enjoy reading another wonderful fable from ‘The Adventures of Little Yellow Duck’


Little Yellow Duck woke up one day and saw to his astonishment a golden phoenix flying up toward the sky and observed how a single feather from one of the Phoenix wings fell slowly to the ground beside him. Yellow duck immediately picked up and thought, ‘a wishes feather’.

Yellow Duck felt he was not satisfied with his life. He recalled the fox that all the ducks are afraid of, Yellow Duck thought: “How powerful that cunning fox! I wish I too could be a fox.” Suddenly, as if by magic, Yellow Duck turned to be a beautiful fox.

He wanted to share his joy with his friends but saw that they all run away. One day he saw the lion, king of beasts. He envied him and thought: “I wish I could be a lion.”

Immediately, he turned to be a lion. But it was a hot summer day, the sun was hot, and he began to feel uncomfortable to walk around the field with such a large mane.

He looked at the Sun and thought: “How powerful the Sun is, I wish I could be the Sun.”

In a moment the lion turned to the Sun and spread its light from the sky. But suddenly a black cloud came and hid him. In one second the power of the Sun was lost. Again, he thought to himself: “I wish I could be this cloud.”

Yellow Duck turned to a cloud and began traveling in the sky and over the mountains and fields. But suddenly he felt himself being pushed hard. When he looked around, he saw the wind blowing down his neck. “How powerful that Wind, I wish I could be the wind,” wished Yellow Duck.

Yellow Duck turned into the wind and began wreaking havoc on nature – uprooted trees, knocked shifting sands. But then it was a huge rock, he saw that he could not move it. How With no effort – the rock remained rooted to the spot and did not move. “How powerful that rock,” he thought. “I wish I could be a rock.”

Yellow Duck turned into a huge rock, and felt the strongest in the world.

But suddenly, miraculously, he felt severe pain in his body, and believed: “Who can be more powerful than me, huge rock?”

He looked and saw that the grass’s roots stretching their way. “How powerful the grass is,” he thought. “I wish I could be grass.”

Yellow Duck became to be grass, and felt the strongest in the world. But suddenly he felt that a tapeworm was biting him, “I wish I was a tapeworm” wished Yellow Duck and soon became a to be a tapeworm, but then he looked upward and saw his friends the ducklings and here’s one of them grabbed him with its pick and swallowed him full in an instant.


Is this how you want the story to end?

What do you think happened next when he saw his duckling friends?

What would you do if you found a wishes feather?

Would you like to be someone else? If so, who would you choose to be?

What do you think the message of the story is?

Happy Buddha’s day – sadhu sadhu sadhu



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