Osaka Castle 3D Mapping Super Illumination


The “Osaka Castle 3D Mapping Super Illumination” held from 2014 December 13th to 2015 March 1st in Osaka Castle’s Nishinomaru Park.

During the winter in Osaka that illumination fans cannot miss. It’s called the “Festival of Light in Osaka”, and is an event that is held over a broad area, making the entire city its stage. Everywhere, including historic buildings, parks, bridges, and streets will be surrounded by gorgeous illuminations, turning Osaka into “the city of light.”

The program that is most highly recommended is the “Osaka Castle 3D Projection Mapping Super Illumination”, which will take place at Osaka Castle and will be gorgeous and splendid in appearance. 3D images will be projected onto the five-story castle keep of Osaka Castle,using 12 projectors. By means of the projected light, the castle will be enveloped in flames, split into two, and a waterfall will flow out of the castle while butterflies float around the castle – compared to its appearance during the daytime, you will enjoy scenery that is beyond imagination. There will be other shows, including a music and light show in a baroque garden that appears on the castle premises, and you can enjoy Osaka Castle with a different atmosphere.

Source: Japan National Tourism Organization

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