The admirable world heritage – “Mt. Fuji candles”!


Japan’s Mt. Fuji volcano candle has cherry blossom scented

“Mt. Fuji-the source of faith and art” of registered on the world cultural heritage site under the name sacred Mt. Fuji.

Its sleek appearance, as well as the Japanese, Travelers overseas is known as a symbol of Japan.

Top of Mt. Fuji on the pure white snow. But soon this Fuji is Mt. Fuji welcome spring.

l_kh_160314fuji02-Lumpy representation of real snow, surface and atmosphere A Palm-sized, powerful and has strength.

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Cherry blossoms will appear disrupted part of the snow melted, light a candle.

Fuji mountain snow melt out the cold winter days Seasons may change from winter to spring.

Cherry blossoms of spring.

Is dyed pink, surrounded by sweet fragrance.

It is a mind Hermitage Hall faster than 1/1/2016 sales start to see Mt. Fuji candle”. Mr. Kameyama candle “real just like, it would surprise me to hell Buri. Kameyama’s comprehensive I still finished it great! Anyway, had some French product development thing, had let sales ahead faster than anywhere else. Candle of Mt. Fuji, but there is a reality as well as the surprise will occur. It is a surprise and 灯sanai fire it does not know. This candle with the story before anyone else get them, and please try to light. After a surprise come the healing time.

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