Hope for the Philippines has exceeded all goals and expectation. The philanthropy all started with the idea from Chris Chen, Mike Cho and Teresa Chan who gathered student organizations and volunteers to form a large collaboration. Today, we have over 100 volunteers including viral videos, donation websites and social media.

Several students and businesses came together one night to discuss ideas of how to execute the philanthropy–logistics, finance, table scheduling, goals, etc. Originally, the goal was to raise $5000. However, we decided to increase our target goal to $10,000 by Christmas. Within two weeks by Thanksgiving, we were able to reach our goal of $10,000

Hope for the Philippines Check presentation to the Gawad Kalinga Foundation
Check presentation to the Gawad Kalinga Foundation

Originally we were going to donate our money to the American Red Cross. However, with the recommendation by the FASTER Project, we decided o give our donations to the Gawad Kalinga Foundation whose mission is to end poverty by 2024.

Since the launch of HFTP United, we have raised over $13,000 and continue to help the efforts of Gawad Kalinga in building homes and communities for the victims of the Philippines.

Article: Chris Chen