Local Volunteers Teaching English in Taiwan Mt. Ali


CHASE ZENChase Zen Foundation is a non-profit organization providing free English tutoring services to under privileged children abroad.

This July, college students and volunteers are joining Chase Zen programs to service children abroad.   They will be traveling to Taiwan’s tallest mountain, Mt. Ali, to teach English.

Many of the students in the rural elementary and middle schools are in need of learning conversational English to hone their language skills.   The ability to speak English will improve their educational and job opportunities.CHASE ZEN


While helping children, Chase Zen’s volunteers will also gain an enriching life experience of world travel.   Anyone over the age of 18 and has graduated high school are eligible to apply to teach abroad.   Teaching positions are still open for the Taiwan teaching program.   Find out more details by visiting www.ChaseZen.org, email [email protected] or call (813) 479-7975CHASE ZEN