A Tree, How Tall Will It Grow?


On the importance of having a Community Life

A strong community is a community where its members are committed to the success of each and every one. Such a community is a community of leaders –real lions and as such, it nurtures and cares each of its members to grow and develop, naturally gaining an advantage over other competitors in business, in social life, in relationship and in their individual growth.

You cannot succeed alone, so as to find a way to appreciate each other you must understand this first. It takes all of us to build a society, a country and a community. Therefore, the key message that it is important for you to remember – you cannot succeed alone!

Even if you have a brilliant personality, without the right connections, it will be very difficult for you to grow.

A tree, how tall can it grow? As far as he can, but he did not choose where to grow, it is high not only because it grew from a seed with a good genetic material but as no one blocked his sunlight, the soil around it was deep and rich, no rabbit nibbled its shoots and no one cut him down. In other words, it is not enough for you to be talented and strong, but you need a supportive environment, to be part of a community that will allow you to fully express your talents, a one that is committed to the personal success of each of its members.

Central Florida Dragon Parade Lunar New Year Festival
Central Florida Dragon Parade Lunar New Year Festival

How to build strategic partnerships within the community:

The community is about people, and people are simply people, and one should be sensitive enough to understand how to reach and how to touch people. Nothing is new under the sun; even so, being a community member bridges you to people whom you might never get to meet, or those that it might have taken you weeks or months to get to them via setting appointment via their secretary.

  1. Use key members in the community as a bridge to other key people.
  2. Establish your connections based on relationships that members of your community have built, do not try to reinvent the wheel and do not override powers, same as in the military and in business, same is in the community life, everyone has gained its position and status in accordance with what he is and what he had invested in, and so you should utilize your personal connections as to build business relationships with customers and members of other communities whom they work with.
  3. Connect to the right group of people that has proved itself and that you feel at peace to learn and be with. For example, a temple, a class or a club can be a great meeting place for expanding your personal connections.
  4. Think of what kind of advantages and benefits you can offer each as a reward for their cooperation. No one will work indefinitely, without any compensation.

RememberRewards do not always have to be money. If you are able to reach the hearts of others thanks to a winning personality, the reward can be absolutely 100% emotional.

  1. Set a group of friends to meet at least twice a week whereas you can discuss and complete the plan or plans which are necessary to assure you with financial success.
  2. Be discreet, do not talk about business too much, ask to make an appointment and come prepared with exactly what you want. Do not expect to get help you if you cannot communicate exactly what is it that you want. Remember: No one will think for you.
  3. Maintain perfect harmony between members of the group. Give more than you expect to receive and stick to your goals.
  4. If you’re a job seeker surely go and share it with the right people, but you also need to keep an open mind and try to be attentive rather than talk. Drop ideas, for example, “Do you know someone who is looking for a sales person?”

Remember, your chances of success depend on both your personality and the personal relationships created during your life.

With playful regards,