YESS Center free monthly seminar for the community


Youth Enrichment and Senior Services hosted the monthly free seminar for the Asian community on Jun 28. Speakers included David Yermak, licensed sales agent from Humana about Medicare and Stephen Lau, Healthcare Reform Certified Agent from Laus Consulting Services, LLC about Long Term Care and Annuities. More than 50 people attended the seminar and learned valuable information about different plans and tips to choose the right plan.


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The next seminars will be on Sept 20 – Medicare Advantage and Long term care
你現在是否每月需付超過$100元的Medicare Part B 和 Part D保金?
好消息!你可以選擇一個$0保金的Medicare Advantage HMO Plan。

我們請到劉先生為大家分析如何選擇合適的Medicare Advantage Plan。劉先生會以實例詳細解釋Medicare Advantage Plan的保障範圍,也會和大家討論long term care和退休準備的議題。
日期: 9月20日 時間: 下午二時至三時 YESS Center

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Are you still paying over $100 monthly premium to your Medicare Part B and Medicare Part D drug coverage?
Now say hello to a $0 premium Medicare Advantage HMO plan.

Mr. Lau, a healthcare reform certified agent and a retirement planning specialist, from Laus Consulting Services LLC will guide you how to select a right Medicare Advantage plan by analyzing the detailed coverage of a typical Medicare Advantage Plan from a leading provider in Florida. He will also discuss the importance of long term care in retirement planning and what options are available.
Come and join the YESS seminar on September 20, 2015

For reservation, please email [email protected]
or contact Shannon Yau at 407-401-9768

We will have English translation and Q&A after the seminar in English

Venue: Asia Trend / YESS Center
– Orlando Fashion Square Mall
3201 E. Colonial Drive, M-25, Orlando, FL 32803
Tel: 407-270-7073