Hong Kong is packed with cute stuff from Sanrio characters we love. Today we show you some very sweets cakes that we discovered during the last trip. Aren’t they just adorable?

There are basically two types of character cakes: The ones that are really shaped like the figures such as the Hello Kitty and Pompompurin cakes you can currently get at the Hong Kong’s Maxim’s cakes. We hope they taste as good as they look. Which cake do you like best?

Hello Kitty #strawberryheart French Strawberry Puree Cake

Fresh Strawberry, Cream cake with French Strawberry Puree Jelly Layer, diameter 4.5″, approx. 0.6lb.  – HK$150

Pompompurin #mangodream Mango Belgium Pure Milk Cake

Fresh Mango, White chocolate flake, Egg white sponge, Belgium pure milk pudding, diameter 4.5″, approx. 0.6lb.  – HK$150

Sanrio is about so much more than just Hello Kitty. In the 42 years since fans first met everyone’s fave feline, the company has introduced tons of colorful, adorable characters that deserve just as much love.


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