Starbucks Japan Valentine’s Beverages 2021


Starbucks Japan launches 2021 Valentine’s Day limited drinks, beverages and goods will be available from now until February 14, 2020.  Valentine’s Day drinks are also themed with chocolate and launched a variety of super-rich chocolate drinks. Among them, the most eye-catching “Melty Chocolate Frappuccino/Mocha” filled with raw chocolate sauce, and full “Chocolate on the Chocolate Frappuccino” with raw chocolate nibs and crumbles. Frappuccino is rich in layers and the chocolate flavor is super-rich, which is very attractive!

Starbucks Japan’s seasonal collections are super popular among both Japanese and foreign tourists, and products tend to sell out pretty quickly, so you really like these products, you should pop by at your nearest Starbucks stores in Japan once they are released!