Taiwan Railway Bento Festival debuts the “A5 Wagyu Bento”

Railway Bento

Box meals, including one in a ceramic container modeled after the Taiwan Railways Administration’s EMU3000 train, were on display last week at Taipei Main Station to promote the four-day annual Formosa Railroad Bento Festival commencing June 9 at the site.

Railway Bento

The “2023 Railway Bento Festival” held on June 9th. The Taiwan Railway Bureau invites 42 domestic and foreign businessmen to show their own special bento to the outside world. For the first time, the Taiwan Railway launched a luxurious version of the “A5 Wagyu Bento” with EMU3000 train-shaped bento box. The bento box in the shape of a Japanese train is limited to 100 copies, and each set is priced at US$ 32.5 (999 TWD). It come with side dishes such as truffle mushroom rice, green asparagus, fried white fungus, etc., served in a ceramic bento box in the shape of an EMU3000 train bento. The railway launched the “Miso Wagyu Beef Bento Bento” to attract a large number of railway fans.

Railway Bento

As for this well-known railway bento restaurant, which has participated for 4 consecutive years, this time it cooperates with three Japanese railway operators and Taiwan Railways to launch a train-shaped bento box every day. The daily limit is 50 copies. Chen Chaoqiang, a railway bento operator, said: “The most important thing this time is to pay tribute to Taiwan Railways, because the Taiwan Railway Administration will already be corporatized by the end of the year, so we will reproduce the classic dishes of Taiwan Railway Bento.”

Railway Bento

Photo Credit: Taiwan Railways Administration &Taipei City Government

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Source :Taiwan Today

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