Once Upon a Baby D

It is a beautiful summer day. The sun shines warmly on an old tree near a river. Behind the tree a mother Dino Argentinosaurus is sitting on four eggs. “Tchick.” One by one all the eggs break open.

All except one. This one is the smallest egg of all.

Mother Dino sits and sits on the small egg. At last it breaks open, “Tchick, tchick!”

Out jumps the last baby Dino. It looks small and ugly.

The next day mother Dino takes all her little Dinos to the river. She jumps into it. All her baby Dinos jump in. The little ugly Dino jumps in too.

They all swim and play together. The ugly Dino swims better than all the other Dinos. They name him Baby D as he is smaller than them all.

– Quack, quack! Come with me to the mountain! – says mother Dino to her baby Dinos and they all follow her there.

The way to the mountain is very noisy. The poor Baby D is so unhappy. The Iguanodon peck him, the Pterosaurs flies at him, the Tyrannosaurus bite him, the Brachiosaurus kicks him.

At last Baby D runs away. He comes to the top. He sees many beautiful big dragons flying there. Their bodies are so orange; their tails are so long, their wings so pretty. Little Baby D looks and looks at them. He dreams to be with them. He wants to stay and watch them. He knows they are dragons. Oh, how he wants to be beautiful like them.

Now it is winter. Everything is white with snow. The river is covered with ice. Baby D is very cold and unhappy. He dreams to be with the dragons.


Spring comes once again. The sun shines warmly. Everything is fresh and green.

One morning Baby D sees the beautiful dragons again. He knows them. He wants so much to fly with them in the sky above the clouds. But he is afraid of them. He wants to die. He goes and jumps of the mountain.


Is this how you want your life to end?


Another version of the story is that one morning Baby D sees the beautiful dragons again. He knows them. He wants so much to fly with them in the sky above the clouds. But he is afraid of them. He wants to run away. So he climbs up the mountain all the way to the top.

The mountain starts shaking, spitting fire and rocks. Baby D is running away as fast as he can, he opens his wings, he starts moving his wings, he looks down to see the mountain, the land and then the river. There in the water he sees a beautiful dragon. It is him! He is no more an ugly Dino.

He is a beautiful happy dragon.


Morality and message:

  • Dare to dream and think outside of the egg.
  • Whatever you imagine can be achieved.


The Secret Wisdom Of The Dragon

  • Be Brave
  • Be Passionate
  • Be the Legend




Many millennials dream to become successful entrepreneurs, to be pioneers, explorers, overnight Millionaires, and YOU?

What would you rather be: a dinosaurs or a dragon?

When we think of dinosaurs we think: big, slow and stupid, when we think of dragons we think: majestic, legendary and lucky. The world is changing in rapid pace, and the main question is – can you allow yourself to stay behind?

In many there is this tendency to dig into the known and familiar, to fortify well in their positions and reject any spiritual progress and internal change. Unfortunately, many times, material changes are a poor replace for a real change – a major reason for this condition is the secureness elusion provided by known reality.

The more comfortable the reality we live in then it is harder to let go of it in favor of values and real dreams. But we must keep in mind that everything is possible! When you change your attitude then the events around you also change. Be one and whole with your goal and not with the mean. The mean is just for learning and for the experience; you must be brave in order to respond to the challenge! Tuff, to respond with all you got! But the surprise is great, as from the moment you will face in front of you the challenge, the right people will appear, ready to escort you, saying

‘let’s go do it’!

It is easy to say, ‘you go do it, you go change your life, you go and make it, take the decisions’ but is sounds much better if someone comes and says let’s go do it, let’s read the right books, make the right decisions together in the near future and give a capacity of one hundred and ten percent and see what happens next.

Wow, what an inspiration, how cheerful it is when someone comes and says let’s go do it. Only when you get on the way you get the answers and meet with the right people. Getting on the road is the biggest challenge and so is life. It is most important to stimulate the challenge, to push and press and pull as the train continues, but this is the true meaning of life, accepting the challenge!




Now, I will teach you what passion means. Passion; Passion is an emotion. No need to think of emotion, as it is the motive, the spirit, the FIRE inside you, life itself. It is not just what you know that makes you happy, it is knowledge combined with emotion and attitude all together. But one must learn to control emotion, educate it, and send emotion to school. Without the power to control emotion you will get nowhere. And now that we have the power to control emotion we must educate and aim it.

Feeling, emotion and self-discipline, if you will learn those well; if you will learn to let them flow freely, not just on the surface itself but from a deeper place, a life experience; if you will let go from all those guilt feelings and commitments even without knowing, without really understanding it all, even if it takes to lower your head, but with such a flow of emotions that would clarify once and for all the level of commitment for what you say, you’ll convince not only yourself in realizing everything you dream of but also others. And this is the reason why it is so important to talk straight to the point, borrow everything that you can borrow, say it as best as you can, tell all that you can, sit upfront and in the center, as you believe all at whole in self-fulfillment.

In life, there are more questions than answers. In order to renew your life, you must be open and ready for new approaches that would let new ideas to float and enrich you.


Remember! In order for your life to resume, you must be open and ready to new concepts that allow new ideas to float and enrich you.


Remember! The more you think of something, the more energy you pull from your inner world leading to its creation in the outer world. As thoughts that you invest in a specific thing and the tense of your emotional belief that you have or built toward it in the past, can determine how fast you can create it in your life cycle. Longing for something that you wish mast be stronger then the fear it might not happen.

Aim and Outcome – it is not most important what you do but what you think of while you do it. Intention changes the results of your actions from side to side.


“Baby D is very cold and unhappy. He dreams to be with the dragons…”


People disqualify values, ideals, honor, ideas, concepts, dreams and those who stand in their way and those whom don’t. People disqualify out of weakness, out of fear and we use logic to excuse our behavior. The immediate usage of force uses to cover a hidden weakness; the immediate need to wave the flag of justice covers weakness and fear.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter if you are right or wrong; it is much worthwhile to be happy. Don’t be right – be happy! Your happiness is internal and dependent only in the image you created regarding life inside your mental world.  Choose happiness and joy from now on. Don’t focus in the pain and injustice, but in the beauty that flows and in the abundant life around you.

Remember: Happiness is not a result – it’s a matter of attitude!


So why it is that people aren’t happy?

The answer is simple, if there is anything that bothers every man wherever he is and keeps him away from getting to that inner peace and calmness; it is first of all, knowing that he does less than he can. In situations where we don’t realize our talents, we are hit by spiritual, mental and physical damages, just as from being less then we can be. Just from the fact that we are doing less then we can do and from the fact that we try less then we can try and from the fact that we do something with less passion than we actually can; something that to my opinion, without any doubt, damages our brain and self-image.

It is not the idea of trying the best in maximum effort that comprise the higher value, but how do you feel regarding yourselves is the highest value. As it is not what we get that makes something valuable, but rather what we become to be, and apart of the process of becoming to be… is to see the change in you, to see all that you can do – how much you can earn, how much you can share, how fast can you start, how far can you reach, how far can you influence. We name a commitment to this kind of responsibility – the potential of changing your life.




Baby D’s Philosophy

Say: everything I need is within reach and the only chance to a dramatic change in my life is in me! I can do better; I can make better; I stop elude myself any longer, even not for a single day; here is where I got after all those years, here is what I have; I take my life in my hands as there is no point in twisting reality, there is no use to stretch time as a rubber, no use making excuses.

I start reading new books – today; I start take new classes – today; I start think constructed – today;

I start taking a life changing decisions – today; as I don’t have to stay who I am after today; from now on I am becoming more focused in the real and right for me; I become more happy and loving person, with a better mood whereas joyfulness and happiness become an un-separated part of my life forever.


With playful regards,