Haruomi Hosono’s solo debut album “HOSONO HOUSE”

Haruomi Hosono

Which gained many fans including artists like Harry Styles, is going to be rereleased on the 25th of May.

It is commemorating its 50th anniversary.

This year is the 50th anniversary of “HOSONO HOUSE” since its original release on the 25th of May 1973. To commemorate its anniversary, the album will be rereleased as the heavyweight vinyl with a lyric sheet and artwork which are a faithfully reproduction of the original.

Haruomi Hosono brought equipment into his own house, which was a former American army house inside of the so-called American village in Sayama city, Saitama prefecture. It was really rare at that time in Japan to do a recording at home.

People admire his work and have been talking about it ever since it was their first ever work as the band called “Caramel Mama”, which consists of Shigeru Suzuki, Masataka Matsutoya, Tatsuo Hayashi and of course Haruomi Hosono. Their sound has been very popular among
fans of every generation both inside and outside of Japan.

Harry Styles mentioned once that the title of his solo album “Harry’s House” was inspired by and originated from the album “HOSONO HOUSE”. Harry Styles won the GRAMMY for “Album Of The Year” for this album at the 65th GRAMMYS. We are sure that Hosono’s reissued vinyl will be the most talked about vinyl in the world.

Furthermore, the vinyl of “HOCHONO HOUSE” will be repressed at the same time as “HOSONO HOUSE.” Originally released in 2019, Haruomi Hosono did the arrangement, the programming and the engineering for rerecording all the songs from “HOSONO HOUSE”.

Haruomi Hosono

“HOSONO HOUSE [50th limited edition ]”

The date of sale: May the 25th in 2023
(The original vinyl released May the 25th in 1973)
[Format] Vinyl
[product number] KIJS-90038
include 11 songs

<Track list of Side A>
1.Rock By My Baby
2.Boku wa Chotto
3.Choo Choo Gatagoto
4.Owari no Kisetsu
5.Fuyu Goe

<Track list of Side B>
2.Fuku wa Uchi Oni wa Soto
3.Juusho Futei Mushoku Teishuunyuu
4.Koi wa Momoiro
5.Bara to Yajuu

Haruomi Hosono
Masataka Matsutoya, Shigeru Suzuki, Tatsuo Hayashi, Hiroki Komazawa
<Haruomi Hosono Official site> http://hosonoharuomi.jp/
<KING RECORD HP> https://www.kingrecords.co.jp/cs/g/gKICS-2627/
<URL> https://king-records.lnk.to/HOSONO HOUSE

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQR1koU9Qx2iMXFN5dYKBOQ
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hosonoharuomi_
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hosonoharuomi_info/


Include 11 songs
※The vinyl will be released at the same time.
[product number] VIJL-60196

Haruomi Hosono

<Track List>

  1. Aiaigasa (Broken Radio Version)
  2. Barato Yajuu (New Ver.)
  3. Koiwa Momoiro (New Ver.)
  4. Juushofuteimushokuteishuunyuu (New Ver.)
  5. Fukuwauchi Oniwasoto (New Ver.)
  6. Party (New Ver.)
  7. Fuyugoe (New Ver.)
  8. Owarinokisetsu (New Ver.)
  9. Chyuu Chyuu Gatagoto America Hen
  10. Bokuwachotto Natsu Hen
  11. Rocka Bye My Baby (New Ver.)