Taipei 101 launches 3-month campaign to celebrate the new year

One of the Christmas displays in the Taipei 101 mall. CNA photo Dec. 4, 2020

The management of Taipei 101 launched a three-month-long campaign on Dec 5th Friday to celebrate the new year at its observatory, shopping mall and office building and display holiday messages from members of the public on its tower.

There will be light-ups, art installations and music performances through the end of February, so that people can celebrate from Christmas and New Year’s Eve through to the Lunar New Year and Lantern Festival at the complex, it said.

Seventeen photo op areas will be set up inside and around the Taipei 101 complex, including a merry-go-round and giant Christmas tree at its shopping mall, said Chang Hsueh-shun (張學舜), chairman of Taipei Financial Center Corp., which owns and operates the building.

The campaign also features an online event that asks people to submit messages for public display on the walls of the skyscraper, Chang said.

People who are interested can respond to a Taipei 101 Facebook post and submit short messages there by 8 p.m. on Dec. 18, according to the company.

The selected messages will be shown between 7-10 p.m. on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Meanwhile, the annual fireworks show at the iconic skyscraper to herald the beginning of 2021 will be held as scheduled, it said.

Taipei 101 has seen a big drop in visitors this year because of international travel restrictions caused by COVID-19. It expects some 10 million people to visit in 2020, down from 14.5 million in 2019.