Transformers x au

“Transformers” celebrating the tenth anniversary of Hollywood live-action movie,
Au design project “au” celebrating 15th anniversary collaboration. 

Au and Takara Tomy are projects to jointly develop mobile phone type deformed toys.”INFOBAR OPTIMUS PRIME (NISHIKIGOI)” born in this project “INFOBAR MEGATRON (BUILDING)” “INFOBAR BUMBLEBEE (ICHIMATSU)” can be completely transformed into the robot mode from the portable mode which reproduced the design of the au design project “INFOBAR”. Including special Bluetooth unit, limited functions and benefits are also enhanced

■ INFOBAR OPTIMUS PRIME (NISHIKIGOI) × 1 body + display stand

■ Specifications Robot mode (W) 69 mm × (H) 152 mm × (D) 36 mm Portable mode (W) 43 mm × (H) 156 mm × (D) 17 mm