A Bouquet of Cup Noodles is for your Valentine

NISSIN Bouquet Shop

Can’t find the right gifts for your Valentine? Nissin Cup Noodles is here to spread the love for this Valentine’s Day.  Nissin, the company behind Cup Noodles, is now selling instant ramen bouquets for Valentine’s Day in Japan.

The bouquet comes with 7 cups wrapped in decorative red and white paper that says “Noodle Bouquet” all over it and tied with a golden ribbon. Plus, the Cup Noodles are also placed in cones of paper made to look like rose stems.

If a bouquet of Cup Noodles still isn’t a personal enough Valentine’s gift, you can also get one of the other flavors. There’s a Seafood Cup Noodle option, a Curry Cup Noodle option, or a variety pack option, which includes classic Cup Noodle, Seafood Cup Noodle, Curry Cup Noodle, Cheese Curry Cup Noodle, Chili Tomato Cup Noodle, Tom Yum Cup Noodle, and Sio (salt) Cup Noodle.NISSIN Bouquet ShopThis high quality gift is not available in stores, you must order it online and have it sent to your lover. They only ship within Japan. The bouquets cost US$ 27 (2,980 Yen) at Nissin’s site.

NISSIN Bouquet Shop NISSIN Bouquet Shop NISSIN Bouquet Shop

NISSIN Bouquet Shop https://store.nissin.com/jp/gift/bouquet-shop/index.html