Live action content filmed in Japan is now available for localization and export!

BLADER, a Hollywood collaboration series will be released in Japanese and English versions on YouTube!
BLADER, a Hollywood collaboration series will be released in Japanese and English versions on YouTube!

BLADER, a Hollywood collaboration series will be released in Japanese and English versions on YouTube!

A completely new localization method, “Visual Localization”. The same superhero undergoes digital localization to become a hero from home in the destination country. The Japanese and English versions are released on YouTube!

BLAST Inc. is a production company founded by Junya Okabe, who produced, wrote the script, and directed “BLADER.”

In his previous position as the Representative Director and Vice President at Tsuburaya Productions, Okabe took charge of “Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy – the Movie” (‘10) as the producer, script writer, and visual supervisor. After founding BLAST, Okabe produced “CAT SHIT ONE –The Animated Series–” (‘10), a CG movie (nominated in the short animation category at the 9th Annual VES Awards by US Visual Effects Society).

In 2017, BLAST independently produced “BRAVE STORM, a feature-length special effects movie released nationwide in TOHO Cinemas theatres.

The company has been producing high-quality special effects and VFX works, such as “ZVP –Zatoichi vs Predator–” (‘17), a fan movie with over six million views on YouTube and the winner of Best Director Award at GOSH! Film Festival, a short movie festival in France.

“BLADER,” a new production following these works, was originally conceived by Okabe as “Speed Fighter,” a sci-fi live action series which did not materialize 25 years ago. In reworking the material, Okabe rebuilt the plot, story, and design from scratch to transform it as a completely new project.

< “BLADER”: 5 Major Selling Points >

[1] Developed by a team of Japanese creators that are on the cutting edge of live action hero movies, animation, comics, toys, etc.

[2] Show duration of 14 minutes x 13 episodes! Scenes are shot in simple, easy to understand visual compositions! An ideal duration for today’s young boys, and visuals ideal for smartphone screen sizes!

[3] Visual Localization is a filming method that allows actors to be replaced according to the country in which the program is aired.
The show can be localized to the distributing country! Actors and show settings can originate from your country.

[4] Main character toys have already been developed. Toys are expected to be the greatest source of profit for this show.
As a business partner, you have access to the toys upon request.

[5] 4 episodes have already been completed. We are actively seeking business partners from around the globe to complete the remaining episodes.

The company is now looking for production partners interested in providing their young audience with a program and toys they can go crazy over ‒ a superhero program and figures featuring actors from their countries fighting in their countries.


< BLAST Inc. >

A multifaceted creative studio specializing in movie development. In-house creative departments for Project Planning, Design, CG/VFX, and Special Modeling. Internal resources enable total in-house production for movies, TV commercials, TV shows, etc.
Produced CG animation film “Cat Shit One – The Animated Series” (2010) ‒ the first Japanese entry to be nominated at the 9th Annual VES Award “Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Short” category (sponsored by the American Visual Effects Association). Gained international recognition with the fan-film “Zatoichi vs Predator” (2017) released on YouTube. The following year the film was presented at “GOSH! Film Festival” in Paris, France. Director and Blast Inc. President, Junya Okabe received “Best Director” award.

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BLAST Inc. Contact person: Otomo
6-11-14 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021, JAPAN
Mail : [email protected]
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