Lolita Pregnant women fashion

Japan’s Lolita maternity wear

Lolita style is a Japanese fashion subculture inspired by Victorian children’s clothing, Rococo aesthetics, and sometimes a heavy dose of goth.

A new Lolita Maternity Dress designed from Japanese fashion brand Mocolle. Mocolle, the company behind Japan’s shrine maiden swimsuit and bunny lingerie. 

A woman can wear it during and after pregnancy. It buttons up the front to allow easy access for breastfeeding. And the dress can be worn in all its billowy glory during the third trimester, then tied up with a sash after the baby’s out.

The dress buttons all the way up the front, so after a Lolita gets back into her regular Lolita clothes, she can wear this as a type of loose, lacy smock coat over a regular Lolita dress.

The Lolita Maternity One-piece is currently being offered in three colors: navy blue, lavender, and off-white, here through crowdfunding site Campfire. Reward tiers that include the dress start at $215 (23,850 yen).   The Lolita Maternity Dress crowdfunding campaign has $637 (72,000 yen) finally.