Pokémon (Pikachu) teams up with Baby-G Collaboration Watch


Casio celebrating the brand’s 25th anniversary of Baby-G watches. Casio teams up for a unique collaboration with Pokémon. 

The band ring is imprinted with the numbers “0:25”, while the band itself is marked with iconic designs from the world of the Pokémon. The basic black coloring of the band is accented by a lightning bolt and Poké Ball images printed as game-dot like art, which creates a very 1990s design. The display also has a motif that is reminiscent of the game screens from the original Pokémon Red.

You can pre-order the Baby-G Pokémon Watch directly from Casio for $110. It’ll ship next month come November 8th.

Source: https://products.baby-g.jp/_detail/BGD-560PKC-1/