Universal Studios Japan’s Real 4-D Dragon Ball Z Attraction


The Real 4-D “Dragon Ball Z Super World Martial Arts Tournament” feature a new fight for Goku this summer.

“The Real 4-D Dragon Ball Z Super World Martial Arts Tournament” will open in the park on June 30 and run until October 1. Other attractions included in the Shonen Jump Summer line-up include a One Piece live show, “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: The REAL 4-D: DIO’s World,” and a Gintama live talk event.

Universal Studios Japan “Cool Japan” attractions which includes “Attack on Titan The Real,” the theme park’s second Attack on Titan 4-D movie, The Godzilla the Real 4D attraction, a Detective Conan escape game, Monster Hunter the Real, and the Evangelion XR Ride. Universal Studios Japan’s Shonen Jump Summer rides broke records last year with attractions from popular works like Haikyu!!, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Death Note, Boruto, and My Hero Academia.