Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Izziban Sushi and BBQ



'My Woman' in the spirit of Valentine: My woman is the absolute worst person ever And don’t try to convince me that There’s something beautiful about her Because, when you take a closer look, You think that she is pretty evil. Even if She wishes for my own good We always end up fighting. And it’s not true that We care for each other Because Healthy relationship can be attained only...

Go Dragon Ball hunting with This Dragon Ball Radar

Dragon Ball Radar
If you have ever wanted to go hunting for Dragon Balls, then now is your chance. Finding the illusive, mystical items can be somewhat of a pain.  The "Complete Selection Animation Dragon Radar," as it's called, has an LED backlight and brand new mold that's closer to what's seen in the anime. It also features spoken lines from the...


School is the absolute worst thing ever And don’t try to convince me that There’s something good about school Because, when you take a closer look, You see that school kills creativity. Even if We learn something new once in a while In real life what we learn doesn’t help at all. And it’s not true that It all depends in the student Because real learning can be attained Only if...

VaxDesign Corporation Receives 2011 Companies to Watch Award

Blood Donors Research Program
ORLANDO, Fla. Biotechnology research and development company VaxDesign Corporation has been recognized as one of fifty 2011 "Companies to Watch" by GrowFL, the Florida Economic Gardening Institute at the University of Central Florida and ACG Florida, in association with the Edward Lowe Foundation. The award recognizes privately held Florida businesses that employ up to 99 employees and have between...

Stamps set to mark Year of Rooster

Year of Rooster Stamp
Every year many countries issue Chinese new year stamps featuring one of the 12 Chinese Zodiac sign.  The rooster is the tenth animal in the Chinese zodiac.  Those born in the Year of the Rooster are loyal, trustworthy, observant and keen to offer their opinions to those around them. Asia Trend bring you all the latest stamps issued to celebrate Year...


Is Humanity evolving into something new? What if all of humanity will function as a single organism, whereas individual human beings function as the cells of that organism? The more intelligent the system is the more freedom of action it requires... and the more it provides to its parts. What does it mean? The internet can’t be stopped Humanity is becoming a...

Manish’s Zodiac Signs Predictions – Feb 2017

zodiac Signs
Aries (21 March – 19 April) - This month gives you a boost of creativity at the beginning particularly in the arts. However, it indicates a good time to get ambitious, it's not time to sit on your plans but put them into action. It indicates the opportunity of a new position in your career or a job change completely....


iSacrifice  After these things Google tested Isaac and said to him, “Isaac, you got mail!” He said, “Take your father, your only father Abraham, whom you love, and go to Hollywood, to one of the mountains of which I shall tell you, and offer him there as a burnt offering as to save all of mankind.” So Isaac said to his father,...

Nike Sportswear Celebrates Chinese New Year

Nike CNY
Nike is starting the celebration with a new NIKEiD option for the Air Force 1 Low. In what has become an annual tradition, Nike draws inspiration from the Chinese zodiac for the design.  Symbolizing the Year of the Rooster, the NIKEiD Air Force 1 Low "Chinese New Year" features a Chinese stylized graphic upper incorporating a rooster. The sneakers use a combination...


Let us enjoy reading this story “The Boy And The Hoverboard” One day a boy received a gift as he exactly wished for. It was a new hoverboard in a box. It was the latest model with all the new features and the boy was so excited to start and ride it. In the first the boy tried to ride it...
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