Amazing Vietnamese Carpenter Wooden Model Vehicles


A Vietnam craftsman has shared videos on YouTube of 11 different scale vehicle models being carved out of wood. The videos with most having in excess of 5 million views each and one video of a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 currently get 53 million views.

“The artist behind these amazing creations appears to be located in Vietnam and in the last six months, has shared videos of 11 different scale models being carved out of wood. People are loving these videos with most having in excess of 5 million views and one video of a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 currently sitting at 53 million views,” the Carscoops article states.

It goes on to depict additional details about the models, “What’s particularly amazing about these models is that there is no advanced machinery used to create them. In fact, the artist primarily uses a hammer and a chisel to shape the models and replicate the exact look of the real cars. It really is a sight to behold, particularly when the artist creates the wheels and tires to look just like they do in real life.”

The article even adds that, ‘The models are even functional with doors that can be opened and closed, and in the case of the Bugatti Chiron as featured below, a rear wing that can be adjusted.”

The Ford Everest model successfully caught the eye of the author who described it as a personal favourite, explaining that it features an advanced chassis and includes the addition of an actual spring at the front end which further adds to the authenticity.


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