Games in the New Experience Economy



Gamification – What is it?

Many SME’s and private business owners find it difficult to adjust their traditional way of thinking to fit the New Economy. They believe that profit and purpose are contradicting motifs and that prestige and branding do not align together with games and fun. They try finding ways to deliver their goods to customers in better, cheaper, or faster ways. The Non-Traditional ways involve more of enhancing customers’ experiences as a way of creating value for them e.g. educating and/or entertaining them and the secret to success is in providing them with an O2O – online-offline experience.

The best business model is when we connect both on-line and of-line worlds as a personal experience.

Image: Share Values With A Smile – on – Taiwan, so more kids will read more books.

Making something memorable means to make a positive experience easy to recall or remember at will. Experiential offerings can address a higher level of customer value, uniquely position and differentiate your business and create value for your business. Experiences are a key competitive resource for SME’s because they:

  • Can be personalized and flexible.
  • Can be very unique.
  • Are difficult for larger firms to effectively deliver on a personal customer level.
  • Are hard to copy.

Why it is important for you to start thinking of Gamification?

The internet, the Global economy, these ‘mankind collaborative’ systems have lives of their own, they live in real-time, and we are all part of it. Choosing not to play as a company or a brand is not really optional; it’s a fundamental requirement if you want to stay relevant in societies that value generosity, sharing and collaboration. Joining obviously entails more than adding a social responsibility or sustainability department. It means adopting a playful, positive and generous mindset that permeates every interaction with your community, with your employees, with your customers, with, wait for it, your ‘shareholders’.

Gamification – An Evolutionary Step in Business

The Digital Revolution continues into the early 21st century and as of 2016, over 80% of the world’s population uses mobile phones. If you wish to succeed in THE AGE OF HYPERCHANGE, if you want to be practical, you must focus your attention on the trends and ideas that are shaping the future. What will these changes mean for you, your family, your career, your community and your investments?

The Power of a Game-Like Operating Model is in its agility. Efficiency is still important, but it’s not the be-all and end-all of business that it once was. In the real-time economy, responsiveness trumps efficiency.

Game dynamics engage people to continuously adapt to changing circumstances while still remaining focused on accomplishing annual business goals.

Massively multiplayer online games are pushing the envelope in technology and player engagement – they point the way to business collaboration systems in the not too distant future. One of the fastest growing trends in video games is where multiple players play together. Players are not as interested in competing one-to-one as they are in forming guilds or corporations with other players and working together to accomplish common goals and Collaboration may be more powerful than competition and these games are setting standards for what business collaboration platforms could soon look like.


Now, start thinking of:

A unique game experience that can be truly different in the eyes and mind of the customers and at the same time be of value to them.

Experiences that may come to mind when you say, “I remember when….”

What would happen if your company employed game dynamics to keep its plan current and keep everybody informed and enthusiastically involved in achieving plan goals?

What if the four traits of a game – Goals, Rules, Feedback Systems and Voluntary Participation – were employed to create game dynamics that kept people focused on executing against the plan?



Share Values With A Smile – Campaign

Did you notice that bananas are always wearing a smile? So why don’t we all wear a smile so more kids will read more books.

Share Values With A Smile campaign will start Friday, June 17 at 10:00am till 10th of July 12pm all over Taiwan, the social media and on GoBananaStyle Facebook group and page.

The campaign was designed by the NSYSU students taking the ‘Innovation Management’ course, a group of student volunteers, and social entrepreneurs and now more and more businesses are joining. 

knowing that the future is in education we a group of young entrepreneurs from NSYSU gathered up with the writer Galorian as to share why RESPECT is such an important value in our society. Join us on our Flying V campaign, as together we could reach our goal and get more free printed book copies to more kids.

Share Values With A Smile campaign is designed with the goal to promote socially responsibility literature and developing and suggesting culturally appropriate literacy development programs for children and adults alike. 

“The internet, same as the global economy, is a collaborative system that has life of its own, it lives in real-time, and we are all part of it. The new games are all about sharing, giving, engaging, creating and collaborating in large numbers. In Share Values With A Smile participants will be collaborating on a national scale; the social platforms provide the opportunity to rebuild the collaborative social structures that we have begun to lose in our communities, and hopefully now those will make sense, whereas the game will unite family of friends and co-workers to cooperate as one, spending real time with friends while trying to solve a common challenge,” says Vincent Feltkamp, Innovation Management course professor, NSYSU.

The game is about turning something simple to be meaningful to be powerful! I always like to say that a dream you dream alone is only a dream, a dream we dream together is reality.  My hopes are that more and more people will join and post their Banana selfie and that more and more people will get the opportunity in life to practice the joy of giving.

Join us taking the Positive Deviance approach and pass on the smile and the joy of giving,

With playful regards,



Keywords: Games, New Experience Economy, Gamification, Positive Deviance

  • Games” refers to new business models for ways to make money made possible by the Internet and the World Wide Web.
  • New Experience Economy” refers to the myriad of new business models and activities made possible by the Internet and the World Wide Web.
  • Gamification” is something you’ll hear a lot more. Companies are starting to use common game techniques such as points, badges and leaderboards to make their websites more interactive and reward people for their contributions and this is just the beginning.
  • Positive Deviance Positive deviance is a strength-based approach which is applied to problems requiring behavior and social change.