What is true freedom? When the people of Israel went out of Egypt, Were they free? The Desert Generation did not live to enter the Holy Land, because they were a generation of slaves and never managed to break free of those negative emotions. Therefore, true freedom is the successful release of all those negative feelings and emotions of hatred, of guilt and helplessness.

On the same scale, it might take 40 years from the last ‘Pharaoh’ and a new generation to see a real change in our society. A change where we truly care for each other, respect and trust each other; be able to look in the other’s eyes and be, simply be – LOVE.


Social Justice! Where do we start?

“To have more we must first become more” those who seek a better life must first become a better person; this is the very essence of the philosophy of personal development, success and happiness.



A person who is convinced that happiness depends on satisfaction of its sensual appetites is condemned to suffering. Happiness occurs when there is a discrepancy between what one wants and what he has. While the gap, the greater it is the greater the suffering. Therefore, aspiration to happiness is the desire to reduce the gap between desire and reality. If you wish for more, at first you have to become ‘more’. It’s a mind shift process. Not “if I had more, then I would do more and then I’d become more,” but: “I will become more, then I will do more and then I will have more.” This kind of thinking process will lead you toward success.


Now, read the above and see it from the system level, of us as mankind, and see why it is that we should stop nurture a capitalistic system that is all based on materialistic consumption. Many believe that the world will collapse once the wheels of capitalism will stop. Is it really true? Is it the only way we can manage our societies or are there alternatives?

Nowadays we see a growth in alternative social structures such as commons, cooperatives, community-supported agriculture, alternative currencies and sharing economies.


“If I am not for myself then who am I? and when I am for myself, what am I? and if not now than when?”

And in other words: If I will not take care of myself, then who is going to do it instead of me? But when I worry only to myself and not the favor of others, what is my value? And if I don’t do my duty now, when I will do it?








Ten years from now you will reach, the question is where?

We don’t want to elude ourselves, dealing with the tough questions rises once in a while, as, do I read the right books? Do I wish without acting? Hope without doing? The change is in every daily changes toward the future treasure that you seek for. The journey starts with the understanding that you want to change the “who” you are, that “sense of belonging” and that “sense of purpose”. Not living any longer in a world filled with thoughts as, “sort of”, “just”, “as if”, “I don’t know”, “I think so”, “silly” and so on.

You must be certain what is the path you wish to follow. A little self-discipline in thinking, a little self-discipline in attitude and a little self-discipline in activity, will determine where you’ll get.

Talk strait to the point, say it as it is. Start asking the tuff questions in a very simple language. Life is a process of error and trial and the more we make sure to learn from our own experience the faster we’ll get to the happiness and wealth that we wish for ourselves.



Sometime the moment when you’ll get a strike in your heads will come, and will wake you up making you understanding that something is wrong. Something is wrong with the country, with society, with the banks or money – and most it is something that is wrong with your plan. Something is wrong with the way you think, you just bought the wrong formula, the wrong education, the wrong story. It is easy to see an unhappy rich man, it is easy to be educated, serious and poor; you can work harder and be unhappy if you bought the wrong formula, the wrong story, never calculated the risks, never took out the calculator. Never considered how much it will cost you, as the ancient saying tells. Understand, this kind of talk, straight to the point helped me understand where my problems are.


This is what we call ‘say it as it is’. I already asked myself this question more than once, do I read enough books’ or maybe I don’t? If I will start calculating my cash status will it help me getting to the fortune I wish getting to in the next ten years or maybe not? If I will continue in this same life style as I live today , will I feel the same essence, health and determination to do all the things that I want in five years from now, or maybe not? Does everything I do will take me where I wish to get or I just lie to myself? This is how I made up my mind and decided not to delude myself any longer, even not for a single day, here is where I got after all those years, and here is what I got. You must decide for yourselves taking your lives in your hands. There is no point in twisting reality, there is no use in Mickey mouse, stretching time like a rubber band, no point to excuse it, no point in hiding it with fake numbers, you have to tell it as it is, as the truth activates the releasing mechanism, to release the brain from all guilt feelings and excuses, getting exactly where it is.



Finally when I understood that the solution to my problem is not just in me. It is in society, in the government and its policy, the economy and in the community, when I finally realized that it was all, it was a trauma.

What can be done, life is also a trauma. But, after I passed the trauma that helped me find that I have the power to change, I realized that if things are in my hands than I can do something about it all! With the power of the web I can do something about the situation and I would not like to live as a victim and leave things as they are as it was through all those years and without a chance for any change.


Society builds the standards by which we measure our self-respect and self-esteem. Then, if we aspire to be in a better environment, our inner strength will eventually lead us to people, organizations, guides, books, or in one word – to an environment in which we can evolve. The more we focus on the idea of improving the environment and try to apply it in our lives; more possibilities will open as to realize it. When our environment will be comprised of people whom are also drawn to achieve social balance, we can get an example from them, encouragement and strengthening. They will understand that we want to treat them with love, and will allow us to learn how to do it.

As more and more people start acting toward a just relationship between humans, their action will become to be the public opinion, and public opinion will have affected everyone else. Due to the internal connection between all of us, every person in the world, even in the most remote locations, will immediately begin to feel that he is connected to all human beings – he depends in them and they depends in him.

We cannot change ourselves directly, but we have the power to improve our environment. We are certainly capable of that. When the environmental impact on us changes, we change. The environment is the crane lifting us to a higher level. An individual investing its power in choosing and creating the right environment required for its development can realize its potential through it. The understanding of this principle and its implementation requires a high level of awareness, but it seems that nowadays many of us are already there.


Our success as a human species depends in our ability to place altruism as a supreme value, depends in our ability to cooperate, to pass it on and depends in our ability to have TRUST in the system and in one another.


Do you trust your Government?

The sole existence of any Government is to assure the happiness of its citizens.

Nonetheless, when they let us choose between bad apples and rotten bananas, we blindly chose one of these, not seeing the whole picture that we have other and better choices.


Do you trust the Education system?

‘Schools kill creativity’ said Sir Ken Robinson in his famous TED talk. The challenge is to rebuild that trust; the challenge is to lead a healthy global dialogue; the challenge is to pioneer the alternatives and lead the way toward the unknown.


Do you trust yourself???

Many of us worry about nature, war, the environment, people not being nice to each other, but for most when we grow, we seem to stop caring, become cynical and or start to focus on our own careers, giving up on having meaning for the bigger whole. In a world where individuals can’t fully love themselves, sure they can’t love the other.

PM Narendra Modi held a bilateral meeting with his Bhutanese PM Tshering Tobgay

 “We know that true abiding happiness cannot exist while others suffer, and comes only from serving others,” Prime Minister of Bhutan, 2009





 A nation’s strength is the outcome of the overall contribution of its citizens (economic, ethical, intellectual, social, moral). The richest and most significant resource of any nation on the planet is the potential of its citizens, both present and, more importantly, future ones. Theoretically, at least, this resource can be upgraded without limit, especially if we consider that the average person utilizes only a small proportion of his abilities.

The conclusion is obvious: A healthy nation will invest its greatest efforts in the building/shaping, strengthening and utilization of the human resources among its present and future citizens, where its underlying objective is: “Life-Long Learning”.

Therefore, it would be reasonable to expect any nation to raise its education budget significantly, but why isn’t it so?

“We know what we repeatedly share. Knowledge therefore, does not reside in individuals, but in communities.”



 Adopting an altruistic, multicultural and interdisciplinary approach enables us to create unique learning environments and open doors to areas, regions, religions, communities and mindsets that otherwise would remain closed. Be it a Montessori model, a Democratic model or a Traditional school system model, its about give families a choice.


WHAT IF… we chose to educate, guide and inspire future generations for love and compassion, just and integrity?





You see, there are UNIVERSAL MORALS and VALUES that we all understand.

The need in universal morality is real. Mankind’s survival is closely related to solidarity and cooperation among all people.


As a society we care about what we measure, we use what we measure.

What we measure drives policies and society in a particular direction. We therefore need to measure progress correctly. If societies blindly accept GDP as their measure of progress, they might be trying to maximize the wrong indicator for society. Same goes for the education systems. The pressure of proving your progress according to predetermined expected outcomes has become a major reason for suicide among young people and shifts their focus and interest from the real purpose of why is it that we need education. Think of all the things you learned in life, of the most important lessons you learned in life. Where and how did they occur? How much were in school and how much were outside?


The world is transforming so fast and in such a dynamic pace that we see more and more innovative learning environments and education programs that are preparing us for the uncertainty of life and the future. Schools and Universities are mirrors onto our societies, reflecting to a great extent how our communities and societies are changing. Schools and universities are going to change tremendously and open many new ways to different forms of education.

  • What new forms of business models could they use?
  • How would they leverage the wealth of their local communities?
  • How could they have a greater educational impact on their local communities?
Schools of Trust. While types of democratic education are as numerous as types of democracy, a general definition of democratic education is “an education that democratizes learning itself.”

Learning through play:

WHAT IF… we held World Space Olympic games?

WHAT IF… we held Technology and Innovation Olympic games?

WHAT IF… we held Educational Tours between schools from different nations?




When I Grow Up I Wish To Be Happy

There is a famous moral anecdote about a young girl that was asked by her friend of what she wishes to be when she grows up. The girl replied ‘happy’ so the irritated friend said ‘I believe you didn’t understand my question”, and then the girl replied ‘I believe you don’t understand life.’

Who understands life? Do you???


Our life is whatever we make them to be. True, we didn’t write the first chapter and we most likely will not write the last chapter, nonetheless everything in between is up to us. This apply for each and every one of you reading this, each and every one living on this planet and for all of us as mankind.




Life is meaningless whereas the moment is full with meanings. There is a meaning to life beyond frames of time and space. To live life as a never ending story, from the moment of creation, from that moment whereas the seed of humanity was thrown in this oceanic cosmos, evolution rings grow and grow, grow and grow, grow and grow. Yes, everything repeats, circles of life, past and future. Humanity is meaningless, whereas YOU create its meanings.


Now we have the tools and the technology as to reach a collective awakening as to grow the circle of “We” and solve our society’s challenges together.



Truth liberates; tell to yourselves the truth in the face, if you are a bankrupt tell to yourself I am a bankrupt. Deal with facts, deal with truth. Don’t lie and most certainly not to yourself, as truth liberates. On the other hand, prejudices are the highway to obscurity and concealing of thought, of self-deceit and escaping yourselves. Therefore, loathe big and small lies as one and fight them as inaccurate information leads to illusion. Some think that sometimes it does better not knowing it all, some say it is not required and even harmful but in life it is necessary to deal also in the negative. If you have a heart problem and you must take a surgery, how many surgeries would you consider to take in order to find what is wrong with you and solve your heart problems? How many x-rays would you pass? Radiation is a negative thing and yet how many would you take? And the answer is ‘as many as it takes’, to deal with the problematic element, now it is possible to start the positive treatment, but it is better to know what the problem is before you seek for an answer. It is important to be real as the truth liberates!


Q: How to deal with the truth without lying?

A: We all have choices on how and what we will contribute. We need to educate ourselves and future generations to understand this and only then think about jobs or businesses to start.

When you develop your awareness, you have the power in your hands to change the world.

“Be the change that you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi


How can a universal morality arise and spread in society?

Traditionally, determining rules of morality was provided by religions. The Ten Commandments of the Jewish and Christian, tenets and principles of Muslim and life of Buddhism are just examples. Nowadays, hegemony of science has reduced the power of the religious teachings instructing humans how to behave, and many look up to science to receive a practical guidance. This is the beginning of the age of wisdom. Surely the time has come to consider seriously the new values accepted by everyone, regardless of faith, religion or origin. Surely the time has come to educate not only the minds but also the hearts.



What is true freedom? When the people of Israel went out of Egypt, Were they free? The Desert Generation did not live to enter the Holy Land, because they were a generation of slaves and never managed to break free of those negative emotions. Therefore, true freedom is the successful release of all those negative feelings and emotions of hatred, of guilt and helplessness.

On the same scale, it might take 40 years from the last ‘Pharaoh’ and a new generation to see a real change in our society. A change where we truly care for each other, respect and trust each other; be able to look in the other’s eyes and be, simply be – LOVE.


“It takes a leap of faith about losing control. It will have to come from kids and people who start companies in a different way.” Ricardo Semler



Why consciousness has such great power?

The explanation is simple: In a decisions frame, even small “fluctuations” can change the fate of the system. A fluctuation in the form of a more developed awareness is very powerful. More evolved consciousness means new mindset, and is the key to a new civilization.

Nowadays, more and more people acquire new appreciation and respect for nature; they develop sensitivity for human beings and discover that differences between people in various fields such as sex, race, color, language, political conviction or religious belief, are not a threat but interesting and enriching. These people understand that other people, whether they are neighbors or whether they are overseas or of generations yet to be born, are not different from them and there is no room for indifference in relation to their fate.

Remember! Life is valuable if you try. You must try to do something with what you know! Commit to yourself to try! As you write the book of your life and in order to win you must learn to stay. Life is meaningful if you stay! If you accept the challenge! Let others deal with the small things and start thinking of how you wish to live and not just of how to work, think of how to develop the skills to life as you would have wished to look back and say: my life were one big unique adventure.


As we join together, forming networks of human concern about the future, we will find the strength and wisdom needed to create a better future for all.

Raising humanity on a new path

It all starts with YOU!

With playful regards,