On Ratios, Beliefs and …


On Ratios, Beliefs and The Two Lasting Legacies We Can Give To Our Kids

I must admit that there are unique and various interesting figures between one to ten; however this one exceeds them all, and it is quite impressive, as you could achieve zeros over and over again until that day when this 1 appears in front.

It takes a small child with big imagination to point up, dare and say – The Emparor is naked?

Let’s skip two (Ada and Steve) and three (Their boys) entering the earth atmosphere… Many people in China believe that the number 4 represents death and anyone that made it to visit China and Hong Kong noticed that the figure 4 is missing in many elevators, floors and apartments. On the other hand, the figure 8 represents luck. Now, as we all know, 8 is 2 times 4. Think twice before you act and it will change your life for good.

KISS and now for the big countdown:

All systems are in order. Get ready for launch!

10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… (4)… 3… 2… 1… and launch

Engine number one has disconnected, we passed the sound barrier and left the atmosphere!

Careful! A meteorite from our right, divert spaceship to the left and speed up to 3.14 mach.

Will we make it back before dinner?

Is that Italy (that LV boot) down below and where is the New Chinese wall (made of recycled plastic bottles and colorful flowers)?

The next fashion seems to be spacy, spacy language, spacy wear, spacy toys, spacy thoughts and more spacy things to spice up our lives.

How many times you would go back to the very beginning to find a new way? Do you have the guts to play also when the rules constantly change?

A kind remark: Play with friends is more important than the game itself!

We must stand up for our values, be it zero, one or else, and after the victory we must continue to take care of these values and more. Life is not always easy because it is meant to be a challenge. You don’t win golden trophies for small efforts. Especially when you race for space!

Last but not least, I want you all to remember, that giving is a higher and more powerful value system to abide by. It is not for ourselves only, but for all mankind, as we take nothing to the grave. In fact, there are only two lasting legacies we can give our children – one is roots and the other, wings.

Now FLY!

Give your children roots and then give them wings. — 123rf.com
Give your children roots and then give them wings. — 123rf.com

Be it on earth or in space, a little bit of light can reject so much of the dark.

To your success, dear earthlings and future astronauts,


With playful regards,