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Masaaki Hasegawa

Artist showcases Europe’s largest calligraphy work

Take part in Masaaki Hasegawa's macro project to connect cultures through art https://vimeo.com/304869208 As part...
Elegant calligraphy performance by Japanese high school at the Japan Koshien Calligraphy Competition.

Japanese Calligraphy “Shodo Performance Koshien” Competition

Japanese learn shodo calligraphy from childhood in order to write beautiful characters. The brush—a traditional writing instrument—is very hard to use until one gets used to...
Ms Panxiong Hua presented a painting to Christine Rupp-Coral Gables Museum curator

The Development of Chinese Character Scripts

Since its establishment in October 1988 in Coral Gables―“The City Beautiful,” the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Miami (TECO in Miami, formerly the...
Qi Baishi

A painting by contemporary Chinese artist Qi Baishi gets 80 mln dollars in auction

A painting by contemporary Qi Baishi Pine Intergraph masterpiece “Pine Tree and Eagle” is starting from a base price US$ 28 million, is fierce competition for collectors,...