A painting by contemporary Chinese artist Qi Baishi gets 80 mln dollars in auction


Qi BaishiA painting by contemporary Qi Baishi Pine Intergraph masterpiece “Pine Tree and Eagle” is starting from a base price US$ 28 million, is fierce competition for collectors, and ultimately to US$ 70 million final, plus 15% commission, the total reached US$ 80.5 million, a record one piece Chinese painting and calligraphy auction this year, the highest on record.

Qi Baishi was an influential Chinese painter. Qi was born in 1864 in central China’s Hunan Province and died at the age of 93. Born to a peasant family from Xiangtan,Hunan, Qi became a carpenter at 14, and learned to paint by himself. After he turned 40, he traveled, visiting various scenic spots in China. Although he relished the portrayal of small things, such as birds, fish, fruit and vegetables, Qi was also known as an outstanding calligrapher.

The work of Qi, entitled “Eagle Standing on Pine Tree with Fourcharacter Couplet in Seal Script,” consists of a painting measuring ships in Indonesia, Australia, Italy, and Mainland China. Later on, during their golden years, the two chased after their own dreams. For four years, each pursued solo victories. This year however, the two players’ parents encouraged the two to once again work together. The two recently won the women’s doubles championship in Italy, offering us a preview of their upcoming success at Wimbledon.  Compiled by Asia Trend 266 cm by 100 cm and a pair of calligraphy scrolls each measuring 264.5 cm by 65.8 cm. It is said to be Qi’s largest work.

The auctioned work, according to the signature on the scroll, was finished in 1946 when the
painter was 86 years old.