Japanese Street Food – DORAYAKI red-bean pancake


“Dorayaki” are traditional Japanese sweets consisting of a sweet bean (white/black azuki), potato, chestnut or other paste sandwiched between two fluffy pancake-like pastries. “Dorayaki” gets its name from the “dora”, a round cymbal-like musical instrument which it resembles. The “dorayaki” has even been taken up as the “favorite food” of a certain children’s cartoon character, adding to its wide-spread renown as a Japanese sweet.


Dorayaki are one of the most famous snacks in Japan! These tasty pancakes are very reminiscent of American pancakes, but are prepared without added fat and stuffed like a sandwich. Dorayaki is one of the Japanese pancakes (Jiggly fluffy cakes). It is a red-bean pancake which consists of two small pancake made from castella wrapped around a filling of sweet red bean paste. This yummy bun is DORAEMON’s favorite. Hope you try and taste it in Japan.


How To Make Dorayaki

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