Tonight, August 8th I watched the preview screening of the long-awaited movie “CRAZY RICH ASIANS” based on the best selling novel of Kevin Kwan now available in bookstores. All I can say is that THIS MOVIE IS A MUST SEE. It will be in all theaters starting August 15th. You will not wink your eye at all in this movie. The sets, the scenery, the sights of breathtaking Singapore, the music and of course the story and dialogue is one of the best I have ever seen in a movie for a long time. They really portrayed the rich in this movie to the utmost. The ladies are all gorgeous and men equally handsome. You will see a grand bachelor and bachelorette party, a wedding ceremony NOT BE MISSED which is an inspiration to all event coordinators, the lavish houses, fashions, and strong Chinese traditions are so well incorporated to the movie that anybody watching it can relate the story. Never a dull moment from beginning to the end. Interesting for the Americans and definitely a MUST to watch for ALL ASIANS rich or poor. By the way, the whole movie is in Singapore’s British English. DON’T MISS IT!!! CRAZY RICH ASIANS

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