True imagination – What is it?


True imagination is when one knows there are no limits to one’s imagination

Want to change the world? all it takes (pure) true imagination…

There are so many proverbs about the importance of imagination,

What about sharing a personal story that describes the importance of imagination?

Here is a short paragraph from the book “G- The Journey to Ludoland” as for you to see that where one see nothing at all, another can have a whole new inspiration.

“… it was a big pile of all kinds of pieces of plastic, wood, metal, and other materials. G was looking for his bag when all of a sudden Donkey with No Name noticed a shiny object next to the pile of garbage. He hurried to find out what it was. It was a broken piece of mirror. Donkey with No Name looked at his reflected image from the mirror. “What an ugly, useless thing!” he said’ “No wonder it was thrown away!”


G looked at the broken piece that Donkey with No Name hurriedly pushed away, smiled and said, “I see a big treasure pile. Look what happens when I point that piece of mirror towards the sun and on that place there on the hill,” and in a few seconds they saw a big ball rolling down the hill…


The figure blinked with flickering lights like a giant robot, but after taking two steps forward, it stopped and stood still as if awaiting further instructions.”

IMG_6851IMG_6939Watch this video and learn more:


Respecting a certain person meaning first of all meeting him where he is, in order to take him where you wish him to get. If someone is hurt, than you must start in the pain, if someone is in trouble, than you must start with the trouble. It is not so difficult to identify with the other if he or she resembles you but the real difficulty is when meeting people whom are different then you. Imagine that – can you truly make it and place yourselves in their shoes in order to understand them?

In general, you must learn to express yourselves and not try to impress. It is most important, if you really wish to touch the other you must show honesty from the heart, without trying to impress. Impression builds a gap, honesty builds a bridge.

With playful regards,