Oolong Tea Boba & Salted Egg Yolk Ice Cream Bar

Taiwanese Ice Bar

We have exciting news to share with the ice-cream lovers! if you love boba, you’re going to want to try this ice cream bar. Two new flavors Ice Cream Bars from Taiwanese ice cream brand A-Chino.

Taiwanese Ice Bar
Salted Egg Yolk Ice Cream Bar

Made with salted egg yolk blended with creamy milk. There are brown sugar boba bits in the ice cream bar that add a chewy bite to it. Savoury and sweet – this ice cream bar is the perfect snack to beat the heat and treat yourself!

Taiwanese Ice Bar
Oolong Tea Boba Ice Cream Bar

The top part of this Oolong tea boba ice cream bar is A-Chino’s signature creamy, milky ice cream. The bottom part is where all the milky tea flavor is, yum! Look at all those tea leaves. This was also delicious. It had a nice creamy texture with a strong tea flavor.

I really enjoyed the Oolong tea boba ice cream bars. On days where I’m craving some tea flavoured ice cream, I’ll definitely be eating these!