Cockpit-type gaming desk press release


Japanese company Beijing Co., Ltd. announced their latest innovation, the “long monitor arm”, by their interior brand “Bauhutte (R) Bauhtete”.

This multi “monitor arm” allows them to build a cockpit-type gaming desk and puts the user in a sleeping position for a more comfortable experience. This gaming desk is form fitting to the user’s budget, how large they want the area to be, as well takes into account their physique.

The developmental process began with people all across the web who longed for a high-spec desk environment similar to a plane’s cockpit. Users wanted a desk that could be occupied over a long duration comfortably, and hardcore gamers saying they spent most of their time on the PC except for the few times they needed to use the restroom.

Developers have had many discussions and meetings on how to make a PC environment more comfortable as seen through many trial and error gaming desks. Unfortunately, to make the desk as comfortable as possible for users as well as fit the idealistic price range was a difficult compromise.

Bauhutte (R) has expanded their lineup of gaming chairs and desks since 2016, but many of their products were too expensive and did not supply the needs of consumers. Some believed that an integrated cockpit desk was too large and that users could satisfy their different needs by purchasing other products that are functional to a cockpit desk.

However, this year the idea has been fully realized. Bauhutte (R) used three basic principles to develop their new gaming desk and chair.

  1. The “long monitor arm” can make the sleeping posture comfortable while gaming. This feature is the arm that is longer than general monitor arms. These allow for a wide range of motion and can set the monitor face down or tilted down toward the user.

    Bauhutte (R): The “long monitor arm” can be seen here.
  2. The “elevating PC desk” allows users to adjust the keyboard stand to an optimum height for a sleeping posture so that the arms of the users rest in a comfortable position.
  3. The gaming chair is fixed with different reclining functions, including a “bucket seat” that has a high backrest. These RS-950RR and RS-800RR chairs have a reclining function that can fix the backrest at any angle chosen by the user.
Bauhutte (R): The reclining feature and movable keyboard stand can both be seen here.

Other features of the desk include mouse operation even in a reclining position on the “L-shaped desk” which can be elevated to a comfortable height, as well as a “gaming ottoman” that can be extended and expanded.

To read the full press release, click here.