Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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As an analogy to the biblical story of Isaac sacrifice, WHAT IF we invited Sophia* to perform on a TED stage and there, her Creator, David Hanson, will command her to sacrifice before him the person she is appointed to care of? - Isaac Test Morals to be tested: Loyalty to your creator Vs. Do not kill humans Knowing that few years from now, Sophia...

The Nanking Revolution

This is an excerpt from Brandon Chin's novel, "The Nanking Revolution". It is an alternative history of The Nanking Massacre where the Chinese civilians, instead, rise up against the Imperial Japanese Army. You can download the novel in its entirety here: https://brandonchin.net/book/the-nanking-revolution Neda felt a thick knot settle in his chest sitting frozen over. The cramped train full of other young...

INHERITANCE FROM MOTHER-Echoes of de Beauvoir-Camus-Woolf-in New Novel from Japanese Author Mizumura

***Winner of the Osaragi Jiro Award, commemorating the most accomplished book in prose, including both fiction and non-fiction*** Minae Mizumura, one of Japan’s most important writers today, is celebrated for her ability to draw from classics like Wuthering Heights and The Great Gatsby, to create something distinctly her own, and in her new novel INHERITANCE FROM MOTHER (Other Press Hardcover;...
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