Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Yoga therapy for stress relief and heart disease

Stress makes plaque buildup in your artery very quickly.  People who have one risk factor weather its high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes or if they have gone for a heart attack, bypass surgery...
R.E.A.C.H. of Central Florida

REACH continues reaching out to the community

June is the month that not only marks the start of summer break but also the start of a new term for the board of the non-profit organization, REACH of Central Florida. This organization,...
Autumn Food

6 Food to Eat for Autumn Health

According to Chinese Medicine, Autumn is the season of harvest, organization, protecting boundaries, and shedding what is unnecessary while contracting and preserving what is essential, in order to prepare and store for the coming winter....

What is coronary artery bypass surgery?

Coronary arteries are blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients to the heart. Coronary artery bypass surgery is an operation to improve the flow of blood to the heart muscle when your coronary arteries...
Daryl Tol - CEO of AdventHealth Central Florida, Neil Finkler, MD - Chief Medical Officer of AdventHealth Orlando, and Tanya Agard, MD - President of Advent Health Orlando Medical Staff present the AdventHealth Service Standards Values Award to Puxiao Cen, MD (Transplant Cardiologist), Brian Specter, MD (ENT Ear Nose and Throat surgeon), Dr Reina Mayor, MD  (Pediatrician), and Raul Castillo, MD (Hematologist and Oncologist).  

Puxiao Cen, MD Recognized at AdventHealth Medical Staff Annual Dinner

AdventHealth system has 2,200 physicians. At the end of each year, it recognizes physicians who exemplify and are deemed outstanding in living AdventHealth Service Standards – Keep Me Safe, Love Me, Own it and Make It Easy – in their...
plant based protein

Try This for: Longevity and Stay Young Longer!

Switch to Healthier Protein Based on the USDA, the average American consumes 3 times more meat than rest of the world.  A healthy person on a 2000 calorie diet only needs about 5 and half...
Frozen Shoulder

How to Alleviate Frozen Shoulder

Acupressure DIY at Home Frozen Shoulder also known as adhesive capsulitis, describes a condition characterized by stiffness, pain and restricted range of motion that generally worsens at night and with cold weather. This is a painful condition and...
International Day of Yoga

Hundreds in Orlando marked and celebrated the first International Day of Yoga!

Hundreds of yoga enthusiasts bent, twisted, meditated and learned breathing techniques. The festivity, which was conceived on Dec 11th of 2014, was officially declared by the U.N. General Assembly to take place annually on...

Don’t Miss the Boat on Paddling Fun: Try Dragon Boat Racing

WHAT IS A DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL? The Walgreens Space Coast Dragon Boat Festival is an event for people of all ages who embrace life, enjoy healthy competition and want to be part of an active...
Yummy Tomato and Corn soup

Anti-aging Super Star

“Aging” is one word most people don’t want to hear, because aging is not simply having more wrinkles and sagging skin, but also comes with an extra “bonus” that we don’t want: chronic disease....
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