Asian Cultural Festival 2018



elephant PLAY jAZZ
8 elephants wished to wake up the dreaming dragon. The 1st elephant said: “let’s do the elephant’s dance and shake her up gently.” So they did until the 8th elephant said: “Stop! It will take a year doing so.” The 2nd elephant said: “let’s also play Jazz music.” So they did until the 8th elephant said: “Stop! It will take 2 years doing...

Central Florida Community celebrates Duanwu Festival with Dragon Boat Races & Dumplings

Duanwu Festival
This has been my third time participating and being a part of Asia Trend. This time, it was during the Duanwu Festival, a cultural experience that is celebrated all over the world and praised to this day as being exceptionally important to those who compete and join in on the fun of the festivities. Dragon Boat racing is an intensive, cooperative, and social sport....

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens Celebrates 37th Annual Hatsume Fair

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens is springing into action this April with the 37th annual Hatsume Fair on Saturday, April 16 – Sunday, April 17, 2016 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Celebrating the first bud of spring, the museum’s largest annual event transforms Morikami Park into a unique Japanese festival enjoyable for the whole family. Hatsume Fair features three...

Traditions for Celebrating Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year
Lunar New Year starts on Friday, February 16, 2018.  The year 2018 is the Lunar Year of the Dog belonging to the element earth, thus called Yang Male Earth Dog. The 60 Stem-Branch calendar uses the names of Yin-Yang Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth) and 12 animal signs to rank the sequences. The Dog is the eleventh animal of the Chinese...

Manish’s Zodiac Signs Predictions – Feb 2016

zodiac Signs
Aries (21 March – 19 April) - This month is filled with joy and many opportunities would come to connect to people you haven’t been close with for some time. Take advantage of this energy flow and use it as a time to work through issues of forgiveness, especially with family, and to deal with those who you may have...

Millennia of Chinese Legends Come Alive Through Exquisite Dance and Music

Shen Yun
World’s Premier Classical Chinese Dance Company Returns to Dr. Phillips Center ORLANDO – A daughter disguises herself as a son and takes her father’s place at war. A magical monkey, an ogre, and a humanoid pig protect a Buddhist monk as he journeys to the western heavens on a quest for true teachings. A folk hero gets drunk, but then saves a...
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