International Tour of Taiwan Gourmet Cuisines

Dynamic Duo of Chefs Embark on Mission in Orlando

In an effort to promote Taiwanese culture and cuisine, Florida Taiwanese Business Association hosted a special culinary event on August 24th in Valencia College Walt Disney World Center For Culinary Arts and Hospitality in...
Soy Sauce Taste Exhibition in San Francisco

More Than a Condiment: Soy Sauce Taste Exhibition in San Francisco

On August 12, Agape Asian Mission, Guli Sowing Seeds Culture Enterprise, and Cupertino Taichung Friendship Cities Association collaboratively organized a cultural exhibition"Fusion of food and artistic expression: soy sauce taste testing." to spread awareness...
Cooks prepare Hiroshima-styled Japanese savory pancake at the 2023 Taiwan Culinary Exhibition in Taipei

Japanese, other foreign exhibitors a hit at Taiwan culinary expo

Tastes from around the world, including udon noodles, plum wine and Japanese sake from Kagawa Prefecture, were among the culinary delights that appealed to visitors on the final day of the 2023 Taiwan Culinary...
A chef cooks Sichuan peppercorns noodles on-site and distributes samples to the public for tasting

Cuisine with unique flavors wow visitors at Taiwan food expo

The exquisite flavors and dishes infused with local ingredients, such as chocolate tea and custard apple ice cream, have won high praises from foreign visitors at the 2023 Taiwan Culinary Exhibition. One of the highlights...
A customer waits for a table to open in Singapore's Tai One Wei Saturday

Engineer opens ‘first’ Taiwanese stir-fry restaurant in Singapore

A Taiwanese entrepreneur is making waves in Singapore with his latest venture, a restaurant that brings the unique taste of Taiwan-style Chinese stir-fry to the Southeast Asian city-state. With Taiwanese eateries popping up frequently around...

Kakigori: Japanese Shaved Ice

The summer heat brings with it opportunities to enjoy cold and frozen treats! In Japan, one of the oldest and most loved summer treats is “kakigori” or Japanese shaved ice. Attested to even in the...
Stinky Tofu

Taiwanese Stinky Tofu – SMELLY but YUMMY!

Something that also has many kinds but some may not like it---- stinky tofu!! It is no doubt a famous dish in Taiwan and is delicious for most of the Taiwanese. However, some foreigners don't...
Railway Bento

Taiwan Railway Bento Festival debuts the “A5 Wagyu Bento”

Box meals, including one in a ceramic container modeled after the Taiwan Railways Administration’s EMU3000 train, were on display last week at Taipei Main Station to promote the four-day annual Formosa Railroad Bento Festival...
Fried Chicken Cutlet

Craving Taiwanese Crispy Cuisine?

Feast your eyes on Taiwan's famous chicken cutlet! This mouthwatering street food is marinated to perfection and deep-fried to a golden brown. You don’t know Taiwan until you've tried this scrumptious snack! Source and...
Taiwanese preserve meats

The taste of home on the dining table!

Taiwan’s society is made up of immigrants, and this island has embraced the many ethnic groups that live here. Each group has brought from their homelands the life skills needed to adapt to nature,...
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