Taiwanese brand INF celebrates love at New York Fashion Week show

Kuo Wei (second from left) and Chen Shu-fang (second from right). Photo courtesy of INF
Kuo Wei (second from left) and Chen Shu-fang (second from right). Photo courtesy of INF

Taipei, Feb. 18 (CNA) The Taiwanese fashion brand INF was featured at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) this year, in which it showcased its latest collection with a nostalgic video celebrating love.

This is the first time that INF, founded in 2011 by Taichung-born designer Kuo Wei (郭瑋), has been included in NYFW’s official line-up, according to the brand’s Facebook page.

Due to COVID-19, the NYFW fashion shows are taking place online this week and INF showcased its 2021 autumn/winter collection through a livestreamed video on Wednesday.

The collection is themed “Time Machine” and features retro-style garments with a modern twist and the versatility INF clothing is known for, according to the brand.

In keeping with the theme, INF’s video is set in a traditional Taiwanese grocery store run by an old lady called “Auntie Chiou.”

Chiou was forced to break up with her girlfriend decades ago due to their parents’ disapproval of their same-sex relationship, but the two promised to reunite when Chiou turned 70. To make sure that her lover could find her, Chiou has continued to operate the old grocery store, opening it every day without fail for over 40 years.

INF asked veteran Taiwanese actress Chen Shu-fang, who won both Best Leading Actress and Best Supporting Actress at the Golden Horse Awards last year, to play the role of Chiou, the first time she had played a lesbian.

INF decided to tell the story of a same-sex couple in the video to celebrate the fact that Taiwan is the first Asian country to legalize gay marriage.